To the Rescue

May 24, 2019



We care for people. Here at American Ambulance, that is our mission and our focus. But we are not alone in this mission.

Earlier this month, a fire broke out at a local senior living care facility in Clovis. The incident happened late in the evening on a particularly cold and stormy night. The building quickly filled with smoke and the source of the fire was not immediately clear. With residents spanning across 3 floors, our EMS crews, Clovis Fire and Clovis Police Department rushed room to room to wake the residents and begin assisting them out of the building.

   All agencies on scene at the senior living care facility in Clovis. 


One of our crews had just finished a previous call at the facility when the building began to fill with smoke. Without hesitation, Paramedic Brandt Glasener and EMT Eric Davies, members of our Rescue team, rushed to assist Clovis PD to locate the source of the fire. Once the fire was located, Glasener and Davies went room to room waking the residents and notifying them of the fire. Their eagerness to help in the midst of a potentially dangerous situation was acknowledged by Clovis PD, and they were later recognized for going above and beyond their duties.


Arriving at the scene shortly after, Paramedic Bobby Thompson and EMT Stephan Rippee, along with Paramedic Al Gomez and EMT Lisa Webster assisted PD and Fire in the evacuation of the residents. Our crews aided in identifying any potential safety issues and cared for the patients. These crews also received a special commendation from the Clovis Fire Battalion Chief for their exceptional assistance. Working together with the other crews, nearly 70 residents were evacuated that night. 


Once they located the fire, Clovis PD and Clovis Fire quickly extinguished it and secured the building.​ After the smoke was cleared and the building was deemed safe for re-entry, the residents were moved inside to a large community space where they would be out of the stormy weather.  Our crews stayed with the residents, making sure they were safe and well, and assisted them back into their rooms.


When asked what it’s like working with other agencies, Paramedic Bobby Thompson shared, "I work alongside some of the most amazing people I have ever met including my EMS peers, field and dispatch as well as multiple other agencies including law enforcement, fire fighters, hospital staff, etc. We all work together as professionals to achieve a common goal, to better our community. "         



Pictured above: Rescue team members Eric Davies and Brandt Glasener (pictured left to right) 

We are proud to work alongside such upstanding agencies to serve our community and care for people everyday. We thank Clovis Police, Clovis Fire, Fresno Fire, Fresno Police, Fresno County Sheriff's Department, Cal Fire/ Fresno County Fire, CHP and all first responding agencies for the distinguished work they do, and their daily pursuit of caring for the people of our cities.