Our Services

American Ambulance provides Advanced Life Support (A.L.S.) services under an Exclusive Operating Area (EOA) contract to Fresno County and Kings County. We deliver an unprecedented level of care and our service levels extend beyond the basic requirements. Learn more about the variety of services we bring to the Fresno and Kings Counties below. 

EMS Dispatch

American Ambulance has managed and staffed the Fresno County EMS Communications Center since 1984. The Communications Center was one of the first communications centers in California to handle multi-agency, countywide EMS dispatch, operating as a Secondary PSAP on an enhanced 9-1-1 system. We provide dispatch and call coordination, for American Ambulance units, and 10 additional ambulance providers, 2 medical helicopter services, and 3 fire agencies in three different counties.

Working collaboratively with the Central California EMS Agency, we have developed, implemented, and refined procedures for call prioritization and telephone medical pre-arrival instructions. All of the dispatchers in our Communications Center are certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch and Emergency Fire Dispatch.  

Ambulance Transport

A.L.S. American Ambulance is the sole 9-1-1 Paramedic Ambulance provider within the Exclusive Operating Area for Fresno and Kings County. The most sophisticated medical equipment is utilized such as pulse oximetry, cardiac monitoring, glucometry, adult and pediatric endotracheal intubation, transtracheal jet insufflation, chest decompression, and intraossous infusion therapy. 

B.L.S. American Ambulance provides Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances to serve our interfacility market. Emergency Medical Technician-Is (EMT-Is) who are certified in Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) staff these ambulances. 

Critical Care Transport (CCT)

Children's Hospital American Ambulance provides Critical Care Transport services for the Neonatal Transport and Pediatric Transport Teams from Valley Children's Hospital. These units are specially designed to meet the clinical needs of pediatric and neonatal patients. The team consists of two EMTs provided by American Ambulance plus a VCH transport team comprised of a registered nurse and respiratory therapist employed by VCH.

Hospital Transports On May 31, 2005, American Ambulance began offering Critical Care Transport. The program is a first for the Central California EMS region. Critical Care Transport provides ventilator, infusion pumps, and invasive pressure monitoring capabilities which allows patients to be moved between facilities without reducing therapy or decreasing hospital staff from a local hospital. The CCT unit is staffed with a critical care paramedic, and EMT.  

Rescue Team

"Superior performance under any condition" is the motto of the Rescue Team. Since 1984, American Ambulance has provided a rescue team that is available to respond to any rescue or medical emergency, which involves unusually hazardous or unique circumstances.

One of only a handful of ALS rescue teams in the world, the 30 men and women of our Rescue Team are trained to deliver ALS level care in settings that involve Technical Rope Rescue, Swift-water rescue, SWAT operations, and other extreme conditions. Every member of the Rescue Team undergoes a rigorous selection process and is trained to nationally recognized standards in all areas of rescue.